Service Company

Established in 2000, Emergency Response Maps (ERM), is a software and service organization specializing in GIS-based mapping solutions for first responders. We provide our customers with the highest level of training and support.


Training Options

ERM provides written and web-based training materials, FAQs, technical documentation, and instructor led web-based training for all products.

  • Training program uses Class and Certification templates
  • Classes, enroll Personnel, assign Instructors and allocate Resources to meet your agency’s training objectives.
  • multiple instances of classes occur on several dates.
  • Meet internal and external requirements from state and insurance services offices.

Individual personnel can configure their schedules to display Classes, Certifications and Evaluations that match their own job responsibilities.


Tech Support

ERM has a series of technical support options. All customers are provided web-based (email, articles, FAQs) tech support at no charge. Technical support is provided by telephone for customers within the first 90-day period following software purchase at no additional charge.  Any customer may purchase prepaid telephone technical support on a per incident basis at $25 per incident, or on a contract basis as agreed upon by both parties.


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