RUNBOOK® Internet Server

The RUNBOOK® Internet Serve(EIS) is a comprehensive ASP.NET GIS server for the development and deployment of fully web-based mapping solutions. Server applications based on this product are compatible with any html or WAP browser equipped user stations, with no special client-side software requirements. The Internet Server product utilizes the visual design capabilities of any ASP.NET IDE, such as Microsoft® Web Matrix, Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET, or Borland®/CodeGear® C#Builder™, but can also be programmed with any standard html editor. The Internet Server is appropriate for the development of enterprise-level GIS server solutions incorporating spatial data stored in SQL server database formats as well as GIS/CAD industry standard vector and raster image formats.

The Internet Server is offered as two product versions, the full and lite versions. The most significant difference between the two versions is the application program interface (API). The full version of the product supports an object API with the same framework of 2,300 functions and properties as the RUNBOOK® toolkit product, while the EIS LITE features a simple API requiring only a “web master” level of ability. Any EIS LITE based application can be opened in the RUNBOOK® Internet Server product, providing for easy upgrading.

The RUNBOOK® Editor or the RUNBOOK® module can be a useful companion product to the Internet Server. TheRUNBOOK® Editor or RUNBOOK® Map Viewer can be used to organize the map layers and set up the layer properties such as colors, line widths, polygons fills, label appearances, transparences, symbols, etc. and save all as a RUNBOOK® project file (or even an ASP.NET project) for interactive web publishing with the EIS. The functionality that can be realized with theEIS lite product on a web server is very similar to the functionality of the Viewer on a PC workstation. The API of the full Internet Server product supports the development of advanced functionality which exceeds the scope of the Editor or the free Viewer.