pre plan software

fire pre plan software

Are you still using paper binders with outdated Fire pre-plan information? Or perhaps an RMS based program containing “too much” information, making it take too long to find what you need? Are you Fire pre-planning at all? If your Fire Department is like most, Fire pre-planning is an area that could (and should) be improved upon?

Often described as the “best Fire pre-plan program we’ve ever seen” by Fire Service personnel, eFirstView® was developed as a “best of breed” solution that is very easy to use, ensuring First Responders USE it! Displaying your most critical pre-plan information on a summary page, First Responders and Incident Commanders have the quick and EASYaccess to the information they need to more safely and effectively respond to emergency incidents. Additionally, touch screen access to view your floor plans, site plans, aerial imagery, videos, along with a an easy to use drawing program, adds to the many features and related benefits below:

    • Integration with CAD for Instant Access to Pre-Plans “On the Fly”
    • Integrated HAZMAT Mitigation program (single point of reference for all HAZMAT data)
    • Pre-Plan data import capabilities from existing RMS programs
    • Interoperable data sharing between Fire, Police, & Mutual Aid Agencies
    • Improve the safety of your First Responders & the citizens they protect
    • Reduce building loss from fire, smoke & water damage
    • Reduce your liability & litigation exposure in the event of any casualties
    • Ask about eFirstOnline®, our web based version for pre-plan data collection, & optional Revenue Generation