Master Street Address Guide

The creation of a complete MSAG is critical for the successful implementation of an enhanced 911 system. ERM creates this Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) from the base data. Before the database is used in the cad system, each street address and road segment must be verified against the final MSAG to ensure 100% completion.

Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) Services

ince 2000, ERM has been aiding PSAP’s in validating their MSAG data. ERM has developed methodology to create a spaitial MSAG file attached to most road centerline data in use by the PSAP.

Address Data
  • Each road segment has its name, route number, and address range as attributes
  • Along that road, each addressable structure is located as a corresponding point feature
  • The combination of roads and address points provide an ideal starting point for all NG9-1-1-GIS (Geographic Information Systems) that the PSAP will need in the future

Final Products
NG9-1-1 files
Spatial MSAG Road Centerlines
County agencies

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