911 GIS Public Safety Data

Ermaps is a leading provider of Public Safety GIS Industry Solutions. … the daily challenge for continually achieving public safety grade GIS data for use in the accuracy and Maintenance of the GIS data

Making the transition from a Legacy, tabular Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) to a geographic data-based MSAG or spatialMSAG™ can be accomplished through a tested and proven six-step process to help meet the strict requirements of any 9-1-1 environment. This process has proven to reduce complexity and the risks associated with this substantial shift in 9-1-1 systems.

  • First, your data needs to be evaluated, helping you make the transition from a legacy (tabular) MSAG to a geographic data-based MSAG – or spatialMSAG.
  • research how to build and/or enhance and, ultimately, maintain your GIS database.
  • Once your GIS database is built, it must be CLEANSED and validated to ensure it is accurate and fits requirements.
  • Going live is the reward for successful completion of the Assessment, Planning, Collection and Cleansing steps.
  • MAINTENANCE is an essential, ongoing process that includes continual data collection for new addresses, roads and boundary changes to ensure you maintain a comprehensive and accurate database.