Map Books

ERM creates paper map books these map books have an untold number of uses as a firefighting tool.  The map books we produce typically have the following data contained in them.


Parcel Coverage
Page Index Maps
Interstates, U.S. Highways, State Highways, County Roads, City Streets
Trails: Hiking, Biking, ATV, Snow, Cross Country
Mile Markers for all highways Federal, U. S. Hwy, State, County
Administrative Boundaries: Federal, State, County Land & Local Parks
Municipal Boundaries
County Lines
Rivers and Lakes
Fire district boundaries
Special District Boundaries Water, Sewer, Ambulance, etc.
Fire Hydrants (Information collected by Fire Protection District)
Cisterns (Information collected by Fire Protection District)
Satellite Imagery
USGS digital line graphs
Digital Orthophoto quarter-quadrangle data (aerial photography)

Cultural data
Gates and Lock Boxes
Schools, Libraries, Government Buildings, Golf Courses etc.
Name of property
Business names
Building names
Property names
Page Index Map


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