PrePlan, Video and HazMat Documents

For clients who do not have the required Personnel, ERM will collect existing preplans and put them in electronic format, integrate them into a database, and link them to the specific buildings, rooms, or other entities to which they apply.

The preplan data is displayed on any mobile device using efirstview software. Thus textual information, digital photography, and video associated with the preplan information is readily available to first responders.

The preplans we produce contain information as detailed as alarm panels, gas electrical shutoffs, and the location of hazardous materials. Detailed floor plans, sprinkler systems, fire department connections, structure type, year built, are typical of the information captured and available. Where required, special evacuation precautions are detailed, since many facilities have airborne bacteria, HIV patients, and other bio medical hazards to consider.

ERM creates all PrePlans in compliance with NFPA 1620 requirements fire safety symbols and they are compatible with most reporting and GIS software.


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