Software Version Of the paper map book. Runbook Mobile Mapping Software pre loaded with yout counties GIS data. Uses GPS device for Call Routing and driving Directions to route your emergency response department to the exact location of your call . Buy

  • Automated Address Location zooms map to location of incident
  • Chemical Lookup function provides critical ERG response data
  • Hyperlink function accesses PrePlans and other critical data for a specific location
  • Identify function brings up database information for selected feature (e.g. name of owner, school contacts, HAZMAT list, etc.)
  • Lookup Tool finds any data stored in any layer (e.g. school, hospital, preplans, owner name, etc.)
  • Measure Tool helps evacuations and incident staging (e.g. measures distances to hydrants, lot size, proximity of surrounding structures, etc.)
  • GPS tracking visually tracks vehicle movement in the cab
  • Driving Directions generates route and highlights the roads on the screen, then delivers turn-by-turn directions to incident