Create NG9-1-1 GIS data

To route 9-1-1 calls based on location, an ECRF must be provisioned with GIS data depicting the PSAP service area boundaries. If the location provided in the query is a civic location, this must be converted into map coordinates to be intersected with the PSAP boundary polygon map. This conversion can be accomplished using an address point layer in the GIS, a site/structure polygon layer where each polygon is tagged with civic address location attributes, or an address ranged road centerline layer. Minimally, an ECRF needs to be provisioned with PSAP service area boundaries and one form of civic location GIS data such as address point data.

Location Validation
In addition to being used when routing 9-1-1 calls, NG9-1-1 systems use GIS data before a 9-1-1 call is placed. As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) prepare subscriber records for 9-1-1, they must confirm subscriber records have addresses usable for 9-1-1. This process is similar to checking an E9-1-1 ALI record for MSAG validation. In this case, a Location Information Server (LIS) queries an LVF with the location in question. The LVF examines its GIS database to see if the address is valid for 9-1-1. The GIS data provisioned to the LVF is identical to the GIS database provisioned to the ECRF.

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